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We're Hiring Building System Engineers

Building systems engineering refers to the design and management of the technical systems that support a building's operation and maintenance. This includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), electrical, plumbing, fire protection, structural and other building services.

Building systems engineers work to ensure that the technical systems in a building are functional, efficient, and safe. This may involve developing design and construction plans, overseeing installations, and troubleshooting any problems that may arise. They are also responsible for monitoring and controlling energy consumption, as well as implementing preventative maintenance programs to keep the building's systems running smoothly.

To be successful in this field, one needs a strong understanding of engineering principles, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the various systems and technologies involved in building operations. Additionally, one should have excellent problem-solving skills and be able to communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders, including architects, contractors, building owners, and government agencies.

Whether you are a recent college graduate or just starting your career, building systems engineering offers a challenging and rewarding opportunity to make a real impact in the built environment. With a strong foundation in engineering principles, a commitment to continuous learning, and a passion for making a difference, you can make a successful career in this dynamic and growing field. 

Mechanical Engineer
    Seeking both entry level and experienced Mechanical Engineers to join our growing team. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems for commercial projects. 

Electrical Engineer

Seeking both entry level and experienced Electrical Engineers to join our growing team. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing electrical power, lighting, security, and datacomm systems for commercial projects. 

    Seeking CAD Designers of all experience levels to join our growing team. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing and drafting mechanical and/or electrical systems.

Structural Engineer

Seeking both entry level and experienced Structural Engineers to join our growing team. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing structural systems for commercial projects. 

Why Work at Sage?

  • We are an established firm with a consistent repeat client base and multiple term contracts ensuring firm stability and longevity.
  • We provide services in many varied markets allowing exposure to a wide range of applications and learning experiences for young engineers.
  • We foster a team environment where anyone can find help just “around the corner” and frequent questions are encouraged. The majority of employees have been with us for more than 15 years and many state that their continued longevity is primarily due to this team atmosphere.
  • Young engineers work with, and learn from, our team of 13 professional engineers and experienced designers and everyone has direct access to firm partners. Mentoring of young engineers is strongly encouraged.
  • We do not limit young engineers due to their experience level but rather encourage them to do as many tasks as they are able. In fact, we have often observed University students and recent grads grasping concepts and performing complex tasks that more experienced engineers have difficulty with. Engineers-in-training can expect to perform calculations, select equipment, computer aided drafting, attend client meetings, visit job sites and more.
  • We offer unlimited growth potential in both knowledge gained from exposure to our experienced professionals and career advancement. Entry level engineers can eventually move into leadership roles as project managers, team leaders and ultimately firm partners.
  • We provide generous profit sharing bonuses often paid twice a year based on the individual’s contribution to company profitability and growth.
  • We strive to maintain the 40 hour week and schedule work load accordingly. We feel maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a higher priority than overworking employees to achieve higher profitability or to meet unreasonable deadlines.
  • We encourage professional development and professional licensure through mentoring, brainstorming sessions, internal learning seminars, lunch programs and membership in professional societies (ASHRAE, IEEE, ASCE, ASPE).
  • We invest in the latest technology including high powered work stations, software and office infrastructure to ensure engineers have the tools they need to do their job efficiently.
  • We keep employees informed of company financial health at monthly lunch meetings and provide information on new projects, clients and marketing endeavors.
  • We discourage bureaucracy and rigid workplace formality (frequent meetings, excessive procedure, management hierarchy) in favor of encouraging efficiency, creativity, collaboration and flexibility.
  • We offer competitive salaries and a benefits package including 100% employer-paid health insurance, disability insurance, paid time off (vacation, sick, holidays), and 401K plan.

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